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CardCash Review: Is CardCash Legit or Scam?

Everyone would have got a gift card from malls and retail stores, right? Firstly, you would be very excited to get them, but later on, have you ever wondered why do they give you a gift card? This is all about a marketing strategy, where you may revisit the store to use the gift card.

You might have also noticed that you would have spent extra cost than the gift card on your next visit, right? Finally, the retail shop wins the match!

Is CardCash Legit or Scam

Would you love to save money using these gift cards? Then you are at the right place. Yes, this article is all about the wonderful site CardCash. On this website, you can sell your gift card and get credited within a very few minutes, isn’t it interesting?

“But wait! What are they going to do with these cards?” , “Is CardCash Legit?” some people have such questions in your mind. So, whoever you are, kindly take some time to read reviews before you use any such website because it’s your money and only you know the real worth of it. After long research, experts have produced this CardCash Review report to answer all your questions. if you are interested then must read about Best Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Fast in 2021.

What Is CardCash?

CardCash is a firm that will purchase your unwanted gift card for less than the card’s remaining amount. The gift cards are resold to consumers at a discount on CardCash. These gift cards may be used at a variety of shops. Customers wind up getting massive discounts and bargains from their favorite brands and retailers. Some of the savings provided on gift card purchases are as high as 25% or more. CardCash allows you to buy and receive a used physical gift card.

In simple terms, CardCash claims to be the world’s largest gift card exchange service. At any given moment, they have hundreds of merchants listed on their site, and they also offer a 45-day card balance guarantee, which is extremely essential to note.


How Does It Work?

According to the firm, Cardcashis for consumers who wish to swap retail gift cards for real cash. And, of course, some wish to get a deal on gift cards. So, CardCash works as something to do for both sorts of people. But let’s go through everything in more depth.

If you wish to sell a gift card, they will ask you to identify the retailer and the balance on your gift card. Then they’ll make you an offer after complete screening of your card. If you accept the offer, they promise to pay you in cash, a cheque delivered to you, direct deposit, or via PayPal. Purchasing a gift card is a straightforward process. Simply search for available gift cards and purchase them at a discount.

Price Plans

There is no way to accurately provide a price range for the cards offered on this website since the prices are determined according to the amount placed on the card by the original gift giver. Having said that, the company promises to pay their gift card Sellers up to 92 percent of the value of their gift card. Before selling their card to this company, sellers may go to their website and fill out an information sheet to obtain a quote.

When you go to buy a gift card, you will browse their available cards with brand or value. Before you decide to complete your purchase, the name of the shop, the value of the card, the discount you will receive, and the amount you will be required to pay will be clearly shown.

Reputation Of CardCash

It is crucial to remember that websites devoted to buying and selling gift cards have always been contentious. There have been several recorded complaints of vendors turning in their gift cards and then claiming they were never paid for them. While consumers frequently complain about acquiring a card that is subsequently ruled invalid when they try to use it.

Advertisement is not insulated from such issues and future consumers who are looking for them will discover them. However, these sorts of complaints appear to be quite rare, and the bulk of the available customer and online media evaluations of this firm are favorable.

CardCash Refund Policy does not advertise a typical refund policy, however, they do advertise “45 Day Buyer Protection.” According to their website, “safeguarding and protecting the clients is their first priority,” and they utilize “state-of-the-art” technology to practically prevent any difficulties that may emerge with the type of gift card exchange that their website allows.

This Buyer Protection ensures that any card purchased from their website will be usable at the merchant for the dollar amount indicated on your order for 45 days after you get your card. However, to take benefit of this assurance, the gift cards must be used immediately.

How Do You Receive Money FromCardcash?

If you are selling a gift card to CardCash, you have many choices for receiving payment.

  • You may pay with an old-fashioned paper check. CardCash will send you a check through the USPS.
  • You can also choose an ACH deposit to have the funds transferred straight to your bank account.
  • There are choices if you are concerned about revealing your address or financial information. You may also receive money using PayPal, which is a fairly safe method of receiving money. CardCash PayPal is one of the most convenient methods of receiving payment from CardCash.
  • Some consumers may not want to deal with getting cash for their gift cards at all. For those individuals, there is the possibility of quickly swapping gift cards online. You may also exchange your gift cards for fresh new gift cards to any retailer accessible online and quickly.

Is Card Cash Legit?

Yes, of course, CardCash is completely legit. They have a separate website and tons of sellers and buyers on their website. Moreover, many people have voted for CardCash if you wish to buy and sell your unwanted cards. If you are a buyer, make sure to read the terms and conditions when you bargain for a card. Also, be ready with your cash because you can buy it instantly within seconds. CardCash is very responsive and works for their customer satisfaction, so they can fix any issues at any time.

Is CardCash Safe?

CardCash is a legitimate and safe gift card marketplace, however, you are recommended to be cautious while purchasing gift cards from this kind of website. If you’re a buyer, simply spend the gift card as soon as feasible. On the other hand, it appears that sellers are rather satisfied with the firm.


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions of the users. Visit the CardCash website for further inquires.

Final Words

I Hope, you are clear about the CardCash website, right? If you have some unwanted cards, get to their website and start selling. Feel free to read their FQAs before your start selling or buying gift cards to avoid future disappointments.

CardCash FAQ’s

Does Paypal Still Do CardCash?

Yes, you can exchange all your unwanted gift cards via CardCash in your Paypal. Ensure to enter your proper gift card number and pin before you connect to your Paypal. Once you are connected, you can open your Paypal account and fill in the required credentials to get your Paypal balance.

What Gift Cards Sell for the Most on CardCash?

The most selling cards are Starbucks, Old Navy, Outback Steakhouse, Michaels, CVS, Domino’s, Gap, Petco In Store Only, Fandango, and so on. You may visit their website for more information.

How Long Does It Take to Get Money from CardCash?

It changes based on whether you are a new member or not. CardCash receives your order, verifies the balance on the gift card, and then processes the payment. Payments are generally given out within 1 to 2 days after receiving payment and purchase clearance for your gift card.

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