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7 Best Free Inventory Management Softwares for 2022। Simple Inventory Software

Best Free Inventory Management Softwares? Inventory Management is an integral part of the business. For keeping track of your inventory levels and maintaining the proper balance of stocks and warehouse management, a proper Inventory Management tool is a must. In this blog, we will get to know the best free Inventory Management Softwares for 2022.

If we take the example of Swedish fashion line retailer H&M there is huge inventory that started taking a toll and it amounted to around $4.3 million of clothes that remain unsold. Together with this Covid-19 pandemic also set up a distortion in the industry which makes inventory levels into a disturbing phase. 

Best Free Inventory Management Softwares for 2021

These situations led to business losses. To prevent such situations and to avoid outdated delivery businesses now rely on Inventory Management Systems. Nowadays lots of inventory management systems are available with tons of advanced and unique features. Some software includes logistic services, warehouse management services, forecasting, barcode functionality, etc.

Companies have noted that they have seen a 25-30% increase in productivity when they integrate Inventory Management Systems in their process. Companies have to rethink their supply chain strategies to smoothly run their business.

Specialist software and tools are there in the market that works together with your inventory and maintain the balance of stocks. 

Best Free Inventory Management Softwares for 2021

In this blog, we will uncover the 7 best free Inventory Management software with the help of which you can manage, maintain and automatically update your inventory of stocks.


Let’s get started-  

1. Odoo – Amazing Software

Odoo is one of the best free Inventory Management

For any kind and type of business, Odoo is one of the best free Inventory Management Softwares for 2021. Odoo is open-source software that comes with enterprise resource planning. It provides a hassle-free download option for users and also gives access to the inventory and inventory module.

Odoo has its USP in enterprise resource planning as it uses all-in-one inventory management solutions for businesses. It makes project management easy by equipping the product for CRM. It also provides the tools that you can use for your business management needs. 

Odoo is the best free software that helps you in smoothly implementing your inventory management module. If you want to use other applications aligned with Odoo you are required to pay some bucks, for instance, CRM and project management. 

This software does not cost any money and still performs its functions in a smooth way. And that’s the reason why it is widely popular amongst small businesses. It is also compatible with industries such as IT, Retail, and eCommerce. 

To clinch the user base Odoo makes its availability on both android and IOS.


Thumbs Up

  • The integrated Accounting feature saves your time, energy, and money.
  • No need to export the files on an individual basis.
  • You will get solutions to your problems in the forum community.
  • Offer unique ways to connect with other business owners.

Thumbs Down

  • Basic knowledge of Python is required.
  • No adequate product documentation.

2. ZhenHub – Focus on scaling your business 

ZhenHub is a cloud-based one of the best free inventory management softwares

ZhenHub is a cloud-based one of the best free inventory management softwares for 2021. It provides logistics and inventory management for medium and small businesses. In the free version of ZhenHub, you will get inventory tracking, shipment tracking, and warehouse management facilities. One of the unique features which I have found in ZhenHub is that it provides smooth integration with all the shipping solutions the same as provided by FedEx and DHL. With the help of it, you can Track, Manage, and Schedule orders from the same service providers.

In the free version of ZhenHub, you can manage one warehouse which can support 50 orders online. For more than 50 orders per month, you need to upgrade your package. Three available packs are there viz. The starter pack, Standard pack, and Professional pack. 

You can choose as per the needs of your business.  

For the starter version, you need to spend $29 per month. The Starter version is only limited to small businesses including apparel, consumer electronics, and fashion industries. The one thing which you may not like is the unavailability of mobile applications for the users.

Thumbs Up

  • You can manage inventory with integrated features.
  • You can control online shipping orders.
  • Easy to use operations
  • Easily customizable as per the user’s needs.
  • Offers personalized experience to the users

Thumbs Down

  • It takes time in status syncing and shipping.
  • Costly.

3. Part Keepr – Open Source Inventory Management

Part keepr is the best free open source Inventory Management Software

Part keepr is the best free open source Inventory Management Software. Despite being free software it offers a lot of features and is continuously upgraded over time. More new features are getting added from time to time with zero extra cost. With the help of Part Keepr, you can track your inventories, track your finished goods, their components, etc. Part Keepr is not only limited to these functionalities, but you can also submit unlimited entries of products or unlimited vendors on your system. 

You can search multiple fields in seconds with the help of search functions. You can search order numbers, manufacturers, distributors, stock levels, etc in a couple of minutes. This software allows you to enter all the relevant data as per your requirement. You can easily find the field in which you need to perform the tasks with the help of the sort function, not only this, you can export your business data in Excel and CSV.

Using this software you can enter any of the parameters as per your requirements and the barcode scanner feature smoothly retrieves the data without even touching your keyboard. This software allows you to add and define the required units easily such as Lux, Becquerel, Ohm, Newton, etc. which is no doubt the best idea.

Thumbs Up

  • Manufacturers can keep their eye on finished products.
  • It permits manufacturers for group production in batches.
  • You can track the components of inventory.
  • Provides flexibility in the system.
  • You can easily put the cap on warehouse numbers.

Thumbs Down

  • To operate this software you need a technical expert.
  • Comes with some complex features.

4. Sortly Pro – A smarter way to inventory

Sortly Pro - A smarter way to inventory

If you have a small, medium, or big-sized business, Sortly Pro will be your aide. It is a cloud-based one of the best free inventory management softwares for 2021 that can be used by every type of business regardless of its size. It is free software that allows you to manage up to 100 transactions per month with one user support.

Sortly Pro comes with a catalog and product tagging feature which helps you to keep the track of records of all your products. You can even upload pictures of your products with the help of this software.

If you have a medium or large-scale business and need to manage more than 100-150 entries per month then this software gives you the option of advanced functionality where you can manage big data easily. In the Advanced option, you can also get the QRcode scanning feature. With the help of this feature, you track your product activity, manage documents, tags, and branding. 


The upgrading cost of this software is $40 per month in which it provides three users support. It is the best value for money that’s the reason the small business is widely adopting this software. Industries including design, construction and retail are highly using this software due to its flexible features. It is available for android and IOS both.

Thumbs Up

  • Remote tracking with the mobile application.
  • Smoothly manage inventories and reorders.
  • Active and swift monitoring and movement of goods.
  • Comes with a barcode which is of great help.

Thumbs Down

  • Complex inventory history feature.

5. Zoho Inventory

Optimize inventory tracking and management with our inventory app

Zoho inventory is another cloud-based inventory management free software

Zoho inventory is another cloud-based inventory management free software available in the market. It is not only the best but also the popular warehouse management software for small businesses. You can manage 20 online orders, 20 offline orders, 12 shipments, and one warehouse a month in the free version. 

With the help of this software, you can manage shipping in one place for all of your orders. You can also choose specific product images. This software will alert you if your stocks are getting lowered than the required quantity. And you can re-order the stock due to the presence of workflow management function. The workflow management function is the distinctive feature of the free version.  

You will get three versions of this software viz. Basic, Standard, and Professional. These plans are packed with tons of features including the number of orders in a month, serial number tracking, Product management, batch number tracking. All these features are included in the free version.

The basic plan will cost you around $49 a month. Most small businesses use this software and big industries include electronics manufacturing, IT services, consumer goods, electrical, and retail. This is available for both Android and IOS.


Thumbs Up

  • Packed with amazing features.
  • Automatic inventory purchasing.
  • You can track the location of your product.
  • Smooth shipping management integration.

Thumbs Down

  • Data Syncing is not up to the mark.

6. RightControl – inventory management system for Small Busine

RighConrol is one of the Best free Inventory Management Softwares

For small businesses, RighConrol is one of the Best free Inventory Management Softwares for 2021. During the different stages of the inventory process, you will get a detailed analysis of inventory data. Together with this you can manage and maintain your stock with the help of barcode functionality. You can also add additional information for the items in the stock.

As per the different processes, different access can be given to the different users. Users can work as per the assigned task without getting any other person’s interference. This can save time and make stock maintenance smoother. 

The USP of this software is that it segregates the inventory as per the type and category of the product. You can also set reorder levels so that to manage sales details, maintain minimum stock, stock forms, etc. User-friendliness is the key to this software.

You can transparently represent data in an accessible format. If you make purchases or sales the stock will update automatically with the help of this software. This software also allows you to create manual categories and subcategories as per the business needs.

RightControl offers four packs that are, Lite (free version), Solo ( £0.99 / month), Pro (£4.99 / month), and Workgroup which is (£19.99 / month).


Thumbs Up

  • New generated products enter into the catalog.
  • You can keep tabs on every product.
  • Offers effective and efficient inventory management services.
  • You can track inventory using a barcode scanner and allocate stock accordingly.
  • You can create quick order delivery lists.

Thumbs Down

  • Limited to one warehouse

7. InFlow Inventory – Powerful inventory software that’s easy to use

list is inFlow Inventory

Last but not least, one of the best free Inventory Management Softwares for 2021 on our list is inFlow Inventory. Either you have a small, medium, or large business, this software is compatible with every business. You can track a record of pending or completed payments by managing 100 products. Together with this, this software enables you to track all the payments in the inventory itself.

The free version of inFlow Inventory offers a ton of new features which include sales orders, barcode scanner, cost management, purchase orders, count sheet functionalities, and many more features. Two versions are available of this software viz. Regular and Premium. Premium version offers some great features including work orders, bills, logins, and serial number management.

The upgraded plan costs you around $399 per month. Small businesses are very much aligned with this plan. Businesses with less than two hundred employees are much benefited from this plan. The retail industry, manufacturing sector, electronics, electrical industry, and construction sectors are compatible with this software. It is available for both Android and IOS.

Thumbs Up

  • Inventory forecasting functionality.
  • It is best for Magento and Shopify due to eCommerce assistance.
  • Help you to manage online inventory efficiently and effectively.
  • All essential functions are included in the free version.

Thumbs Down

  • No accounting integration
  • Transactional data needs to be exported.


That’s it..!!

We have shared the best free Inventory Management Software that can provide you with a ton of warehouse management benefits. Some are free and to use some you need to pay or purchase the advance version. Some software holds back a lot of good features that are too free of cost, and for some unique features, you need to buy a paid version only.


Free Inventory Management Software which offers premium features has some limitations and restrictions. You cannot access some features because they are desktop-based softwares. Some restrictions are there with orders, shipments, usability, etc.

There are many open-source cloud-based Inventory Management Softwares available in the market. You must go through the reviews and use what works best for your business.

For growing businesses, Inventory Management Software is the best tool. Grab the efficient and effective tool that tracks your inventory and ensures that you have everything your business needs to maintain the inventory.

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