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Some Breeds Of Chickens That Lay blue, pink, green colors eggs

If you want to invest in the poultry business and plan a chicken coop at home or on a professional level, you should know the different breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs. So that you can estimate which kind is more profitable for your business, take note.

Chickens are fairly common birds and can be found in many places on the planet. From large farms to even people’s yards and pens. They usually live in groups, and each one takes care of their own young.

If you are starting your first farm, raising chickens is an excellent idea, as it is one of the best farming business options available for the beginners. The main benefit of raising chickens in the backyard is getting a supply of fresh eggs. And if those eggs are in different colors, it will help your business maximize the profits since each one is identified for their nutritional values. But one thing most beginners don’t know is that the different breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs and the effect on the number of eggs produced.

A Guide to Chicken Egg Colors - Why do chickens lay different ...

In this article, we will show you different breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs and their main characteristics, so you know which one to choose.

Know the different chicken breeds and egg colors


This breed of hens of Australian origin is characterized by being a top layer of tinted eggs. They can lay as many as 250 eggs every year. The egg color is light-brown and of medium size. Its black feathers are distinguished by having a prominent brightness, and its eyes are dark.

The australorp usually grows quite fast, starting to lay its eggs at five months. They are calm and friendly. They enjoy walking freely, and high fences are not needed, as they are not good when it comes to flying.


Hailing from England, Orpington chickens are handsome, friendly, and beautiful. It can be found in many colors, such as blue, lavender, beige, black, and white. In a year, this chicken can produce around 200 eggs. The eggs are brown and of medium size.


This species has a medium head, relative to its body size, and a pair of rounded orange eyes. The Orpington hen has a simple, straight, medium-sized crest on the head, with five or six teeth distributed evenly and in red.

Easter Hen

Easter hen, also called Easter Egger, produces 280 eggs in a year. They usually lay very colorful eggs such as pink, green, blue. It is a charming hybrid that can vary in appearance. Some have fluffy beards, other large ridges, and other earmuffs. They are friendly, curious, and gentle. They usually approach humans in search of sweets, and they get along very well with children.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock is an American breed of domestic chicken. They are calm, they love to go free in the field, and they are very resistant. They are good layers, with around 280 pink-brown eggs a year. They were first seen in Massachusetts in the 19th century and for much of the early 20th century. It has been the most popular breed of chicken in the United States.

The physical is dominated by gray, equipped with white stripes on his body. Great stature and happy to roam. Its most common color is barred, although it can also be found in white, blue, and other colors. This chicken is also similar to Sussex, which is easy to tame.


Originating in England, the Sussex hen is a noble and very ancient bird. It stands out for being one of the best layers and having a tremendous maternal instinct, unlike other breeds of chickens whose eggs must be artificially incubated. She usually lays around 250 eggs a year. Egg color is creamy white to brown. But the color of the chicken is varied, about eight different colors. The most common is pure white with a fluffy tail and black neck feathers. This chicken race is considered very calm. They also like to roam around without damaging the environment. Even this chicken is willing to eat something from your hands.

Hamburg Chicken

As the name suggests, this chicken is indeed from Germany. They become one of the most attractive chicken breeds. Its fur even resembles a fresh coat with dark color variants. Hamburg produces around 200 medium-sized eggs, with a glossy white shell. But people should be careful with the aggressive character, especially while putting them in a cage. They like to explore, so it is more suitable to keep them in a wide-open space.

Maran Chicken

Its appearance is similar to Plymouth Rock, but the color of the chicken is dominated by dark gray with white accents. While the egg are of medium size and are distinctly dark brown, people maintaining it with two main objectives. In addition to taking the eggs, livestock also relies on meat. For the cage itself, Maran does not require large spaces. They are typically gentle mothers. But still, Maran is quite challenging to tame.

These are just a few of the many different breeds of chickens that lay colored eggs. Some of them, so strange that they have almost no feathers, and others, on the other hand, have so many that they look like another animal.

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