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Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

People who work in the transportation industry, whether it has to do with persons or goods, make real fine money. Not to mention that they have more time with themselves as they can think of their life during the long trips they are having. 

However, it’s harsh to work for public transportation since it’s a very demanding job that requires a lot of concentration and focus. Not making a mistake is a tough job and can give you less time to think and more time to react. Let’s now take a deep dive into the various commercial transportation jobs that are widely available. Even though these jobs pay well, they are not so popular among younger people. That is because they make them leave their homes for multiple days, and that’s something that is unbearable for some of them who need to have a base for living and lay down in their beds at night to rest.

Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

Storage Handler

It’s one of the most incredible jobs in the transportation domain. People being storage handlers, have the responsibility to keep the storage space clean and record all the incoming and outcoming goods. They are necessary to have a good cargo transfer of these goods to the rest of the world and could make as much as $25,000 per year. It’s a good salary to start as you need no experience to work there, and you can have additional bonuses and benefits when you keep the storage in the perfect possible shape. A storage handler is a necessary component of the system to ensure proper transportation.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers could be some of the best-paid jobs in the transportation industry. They usually make about $55,000 per year plus their per-mile remuneration according to their itinerary. When you drive a truck, you may have a special license for heavy vehicles and strict rules about the timelines you use when being on the highways. It’s the only way to transport goods from any angle of the world, and these people get paid well to ensure that the expensive trucks remain the same safe and equipped as they were on the first day of their circulation.

Cargo Flight Pilot

A cargo flight pilot is a very particular profession that has to do with larger planes. When being on a cargo plane, you certainly follow different itineraries and other times to fly. These pilots are paid more than $125,000 per year to perform at least three flights per week and deliver all the perishable goods to the right destinations. They should be focused on what they do to ensure that the plane will always be in its best shape. These pilots get extra training to handle these planes, and some of them could be army veterans who handled the well-known C-130 Hercules cargo giants.



A dispatcher is the least known employee in the transportation chain. They can make a salary that ranges close to $45,000 per year, and they are the ground coordinators for passengers and goods that want to be transported to several places. You can call a dispatcher to ensure that your goods are handled the right way. He knows where the item is all the time, using updated software to ensure that they can track anything at any time. People who are dispatchers are constantly talking on the phone and ensuring that they fill up all the cargo planes and residential flights.

Ground Coordinator For Transported Goods

When the goods reach the ground, there is a person that is reliable to unload them from the plane. That is the ground coordinator that works closely with the dispatcher. It’s the same person that applies to trains and ships. However, the ground coordinator has the right to load all the items in his list and ensure that they are transferred to the dispatch area and stored there. You cannot move any item without the aid of the ground coordinator. That’s why their salaries are close to $35,000, and they have many benefits from commercial and transportation companies.

Transportation Engineer

Finally, we need to mention the transportation engineer, that is one of the most impressive workers in the field of transportation. He is a real scientist that applies all the engineering he knows to fix any problem in the production line when the goods are getting moved from one place to the other. An experienced transportation engineer can make as much as $75,000 per year. His presence is close to airports and ports to ensure that the transportation means have the right service and the goods get dispatched to the storage area without any peril or other slow-down issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently found and answered online about career paths in the transportation industry.

Why Do People Work in Transportation?

People work in the transportation industry simply because they like it and the salaries are better than in other places. Certainly, somebody who starts working in transportation assumes a higher physical risk due to the airborne nature of the transportation. However, as soon as they receive their salary, they forget all about the danger.

What is the Future of the Transportation Industry?

The future of the transportation industry is bright. Now we can expect robots to get a part in checking and storage coordination. That doesn’t mean that there would be no human supervisors, but all things will happen automatically to reduce the chance of a mistake. It seems like the wages will eventually go up, and that is something that will benefit many workers who will remain in the industry for the next decades.

Is the Transportation Industry Growing?

Yes, the answer is that the transportation industry grows rapidly year after year. That happens because the industry has to get goods from one country and sell them to the other. As the world’s factories remain in the Asian continent and the customers are in the West, the transportation industry will need to cover that distance in the shortest and smartest way.

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