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10 Best Language Learning Apps In 2022

It can be hard to learn a new language at first.

This has happened before so don’t be afraid. You can learn any language you want if you have access to internet-based resources.

This guide will help you make the best decisions about which language learning app you should choose.

Who is eligible to use these language learning apps?

It is very simple to use language learning apps. They are available for anyone who is interested:

  • The visual interface is more effective for growth, according to those who are aware of it.
  • You will notice that music can help you recall words more easily.
  • You want to meet native speakers and learn a particular language.

How effective these language learning apps are?

These apps provide a solid foundation for language learners and beginners, particularly in languages that are more complicated than their mother tongue.

It’s also ideal for languages with different writing systems such as the Korean language.


Why should I choose the best app to learn languages?

With a little bit of stress, you can become more versatile. You can combine language learning with schooling, especially if you are a student.


This collection of language learning resources has been created to help you reduce stress. This will make language learning more enjoyable than annoying.

A list of the Top Language Learning Apps in 2022

Here’s a quick overview of all the solutions we’ll be looking at before we dive into details about each app. These functions are available on both desktop and mobile.

  • Duolingo
  • Busuu
  • Babbel
  • Mondly
  • Memrise
  • LingoDee
  • Rosetta Stone
  • HelloTalk
  • Drops
  • Lirica

Is it difficult to learn a new language?

Although learning a language isn’t difficult, it can be difficult for some. You’re ready to learn once you have the best tool for learning.

This language learning app was created to help you learn a new language.


How long is it to learn a new language?

Your learning goal is the first thing that will determine how you learn a new language.

It will take longer to learn a bilingual language than a monolingual one.

The Best Language Learning Apps for 2022

Are you interested in learning a foreign language? There are many apps that can help you do this.

A language learning app is great for anyone who wants to learn a new language, whether they are planning a trip abroad or simply want to improve their vocabulary and grammar.

These are the top language learning apps that can help you.


1. Duolingo

This app is a great choice for learning new languages because it blends interesting content with complex methods.

After selecting one of the 35+ languages available, the software will direct users to each category that they must master in order to be an expert. As you progress, you also receive achievements and awards.

Duolingo, a free app, uses gamification to teach.

You will find your courses entertaining thanks to their playful interface.

Duolingo is not like attending classes. In fact, the way they arrange the lessons encourages students to complete the assignments and open up to new challenges.


Duolingo helps you spell and pronounce words, understand native speakers, create sentences, and engage in conversation in real-world situations.

Duolingo offers stories from real-life situations that you can listen to or read, along with podcasts and competitions.

You can join the forum or attend live events in your preferred language if you like socializing. (Like webinars, contests, chatting, recreation, etc. ).

A dictionary can not only translate a term but also show all variations of the term. This makes it extremely useful. You can find all conjugations, strategies and masculine/feminine verbs, as well as other forms of nouns.

A dictionary is very useful as it can not only translate a word but also show all variations. You can find singular/plural, masculine/feminine, and conjugation forms for every verb.


Duolingo can also be used by schools and educational institutions that want to modernize the teaching methods of their students.

This app is best for:

Combining multiple learning strategies can help you to fully grasp the language’s nuances.

Duolingo is an application that allows you to combine a variety of teaching methods. This gives you the knowledge and skills needed to speak a language fluently.


  • Learning content is free.
  • You will need to upgrade to premium for $6.99 per month to complete the following tasks: practice mistakes, learning content, no ads, quizzes and unlimited test-outs.

Get App Here

2. Busuu

Although this app doesn’t offer many languages as the Duolingo app does, they do know it for its content which contains more valuable lessons.

This app uses a more formal interface that is less playful. This app is more useful for educators, businesses, schools, and other professionals than it is for casual users.

The app’s content is another thing you’ll love. You are always offered reserved learning packages that you cannot afford.

You will also get an estimated date when you sign up to become a learner of a language.

You must complete your course outline in order to achieve your mission.


Each course covers all important aspects of the language such as grammar, wording and listening.

Listening to the Busuu podcast and speaking to native speakers can help you learn a language. You can also read articles through the app dashboards, and write-ups using the app dashboards.

Busuu offers live lessons on any topic, where you can practice your skills by speaking with native speakers or other learners.

This app also has a fun feature: you can access short exercises that native speakers can correct after each course is completed.

This can be done by answering a question and asking for acknowledgements from people who can help.


This app is best for:

People who prefer a formal school-like approach.

Although the lesson uses sounds and images, it still follows a traditional teaching method.

Pricing (available one year):

  • Access to one language for free
  • Premium: Pay PS2.99 per Month to access one language, offline mode, grammar lessons, and an Al-powered survey.
  • Premium Plus: This includes access to 12 languages and premium items with a personal study plan and a society of native speakers.

Get App Here

3. Babbel

The app provides a standard way of teaching. The app provides a variety of teaching methods, starting with the basics of the language, such as the alphabet, salutations and introduction.


If you prefer, you can skip the beginner’s course.

This app allows you to find courses related to general life situations like travel, business, or day-to-day activities.

You can also download the app for free, but not for all languages. To access the rest of the courses, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan.

The school interface is not attractive and doesn’t grab your attention when you open the app. Duolingo has a friendly and fun interface.

No encouragement is given for completing the entire lesson or any course within it.


Because the courses are not in a specific order, the app is not the most natural way to learn.

Although the dashboard appears simple, it has classes that are immersive.

You will also find riddles, pictures, voice notes, and devised conversations to keep you engaged and playing with the apps.

In case you are looking for a more traditional approach to learning, the app offers podcasts and fast word games.

Babbel, just like other apps allows you to have live conversations so that you can interact with native speakers and learn from them.


It is overall a great app. However, it doesn’t offer all of the teaching methods that other apps do.

This app is best for:

Immersive apps can easily draw people in, so make sure it looks natural and is engaging.


  • No cost
  • One month: PS9.9 per month
  • Three months: PS6.65 per Month
  • Six months at PS5.55 per Month
  • 12 months: 4.95 per month.

Get App Here

4. Memrise

The app provides you with more than 20 languages, so you can easily learn them in a fun and stylish way through a pictorial interface. You can hear native speakers talking to you every time you listen.


This app allows you to play non-stop, and it also lets you take courses. It has an interesting way of teaching.

After completing a course, you can open another one and receive compensation such as an upgrade to the app. The app also ranks you and shows your position on the weekly leaderboards.

You can access a variety of courses to help you deal with real-life situations in a foreign language. Additionally, you will learn the basics of advanced elements such as digits and phrases.

Each course is arranged in a hierarchy that can be taken simultaneously for up to 8 hours.

This app allows you to create groups and add friends. You can also talk about different topics with them. However, it doesn’t offer podcasts or live classes.


This app is best for:

A fascinating language learning app for people who require short audio and/or video clips. This app can be used to quickly finish your classes on your own.


  • No cost
  • Monthly payment $8.49
  • An annual payment of $2.50 per Month
  • $119.99 for a lifetime payment

Get App Here

5. LingoDeer

This app provides a straightforward and logical method of learning a language. You can customize your learning experience by choosing the narrator that you like, the story type, and the background of your dashboard.

The app also includes a flashcard which allows you to test your memory. The apps can be downloaded to your smartphone so that you can access them whenever you need them.


You can also practice your listening and speaking skills through engaging stories. Other users can also take part in the test.

LingoDeer allows you to enrol in time-limited quizzes and access offline classes. You can also create your daily goals and go through the steps to learn your skills.

This app is best for:

Individuals who want to take a test, engage in debates, and improve their wording through offline flashcards.


  • Monthly payment of $14.99
  • Quarterly payment of $39.99
  • Annual payment of $79.99
  • $159.99 for a lifetime payment

Get App Here

6. Rosetta Stone

This app is a reasonable language learning tool that targets its users, whether they are individuals, schools, or enterprises. You can only access it in 25 languages. Before you can use the app, you must subscribe to a premium subscription.

You can also learn a language through the app’s interactive activities, real-life strategies and audio from natives. It also offers live training with locals, so you can practice your new skills and converse with them.

After you sign up for a plan you will have access to the dashboard from which you can access all courses in that plan. Each lesson will take you through a variety of teaching methods, including listening, speaking, and writing.

Rosetta stone has interactive content that will make you want to continue until you finish your courses. These courses will teach you how to apply your knowledge to real-life situations.

This app is best for:


People who want to have complete course experience but don’t mind paying more for premium plans.


  • 3 Months Payment of PS11.99
  • 12 Months Payments of PS9.99
  • PS179 Lifetime Payment

Get App Here

7. Hello talk

There are many ways to learn new languages with this app. This language learning app allows you to communicate with people around the globe to improve your skills. This app may be right for you if you enjoy chatting.

HelloTalk supports over 150 languages and has more than 30 million members you can communicate with.

You can also exercise your linguistic skills and have fun with other nations.


It is a way to make new friends and exchange ideas, according to the app developers.

Talking to someone via text, video, or life can be arranged. Each option has an integrated amendment, interpretation, and pronunciation that will help you have smoother discussions between learners.

This app is for those who love to connect with other people.

You can see that HelloTalk has the most useful learning app you can use to exchange knowledge.

This app is best for:


*People who are open to learning by sharing their knowledge with others and seeking out cultural differences.


  • No cost

Get App Here

8. Drops

Drops is another language learning app that focuses primarily on the visual aspect of the teaching process.

Explore the app’s 35+ languages and get started. You will love the interactive interface that makes learning fun.

Although the app is not available forever, it can be used for seven days free of charge. Drag-and-drop makes dropping easy and enjoyable.


Before you start a lesson, choose which categories you are most interested in and how much time you want to spend on the app each day.

Drops will guide you through an interactive visual course that includes illustrations, animations and sound based on your choices. You can unlock achievements and take on various challenges, just like in a video game.

Apart from its interface, what’s most fascinating about this app is the vast array of topics and categories it offers.

Learn words and phrases from over 90 topics. These topics can be used to describe almost any real-world situation.

Drops are available to individual learners and businesses that want to offer language courses for their employees.


This app is best for:

People who wish to learn new words and practice real-life situations using a language through an easy-to-understand visual interface.


  • Monthly subscription EUR8.49
  • Annual subscription EUR5
  • A lifetime subscription costs EUR149.99

Get App Here

9. Lirica

Lirica is the best language learning application. It teaches you through music, which is a unique approach. Music is something that everyone enjoys, but did you know it can also be used to learn or improve a language?

What is the app’s function? It is free to download, you can listen to popular songs in your chosen language and then take a quiz to test how well the lyrics and plot are understood.


Lirica performs a song and breaks down the lyrics. She then teaches grammar using verbs taken from the song. Finally, she quizzes you to ensure you understand the plot.

You will be given an analysis of the text and then have to interact with it. You can take part in challenges or collect achievements depending on your performance.

The app is limited to English, Spanish, and German. Developers plan to add additional languages in the near future. The app is only compatible with iPhone and Android mobile phones.

This app works best for:

Music enthusiasts who are passionate about learning new languages through music.



  • No cost
  • 1 Month $10
  • 3 Months $23
  • 12 Months $32

Get App Here


What language should I first learn?

Learning new languages is an individual journey. You should start by figuring out which language you want to learn first. Does the language-learning app work?

Learning apps are a great tool for teachers, as technology has greatly improved our world.

Does age play a role in learning a language?


Yes, young people can assimilate more quickly than those over 70.

What language do I need?

Learning another language can open up many opportunities in your life.


This article will explain the top language learning apps for 2022. There are many language learning apps available that will help you.

You can learn a language by looking at the available apps. Then choose the one that suits you best. These apps can help you develop in areas that you are most needed.


Which app do you think is more efficient to learn a foreign language?

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