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UberEats VS DoorDash: Which Pays More to Drivers in 2022?

People think that it is very difficult to get a job in today’s time. Making money in today’s economy after being hit by a pandemic is a big thought. But as we have seen the digital transformation we can see that there are a lot of options to enhance our earnings. Of all the jobs, the food courier job nowadays is one of the most demanding and most popular jobs available in the market. In this blog, we will do a quick comparison on UberEats VS DoorDash.

Can I earn well with food courier services?

Yes ..!!!!

If you have a working vehicle either car or bike or you are living in a fairly populated area you can easily find a job in food courier services. Lots of food delivery services are now available in the market and so your chances of getting a job in one of these food services are pretty decent.

Right now, you can find two of the most popular food delivery services Uber Eats and DoorDash. People, especially those who want to join these food courier services as a driver or delivery person, have a lot of questions in their minds like what is the difference between their earnings?, who pays more Uber Eats or DoorDash? What is the driver’s pay in Uber Eats and DoorDash?

So in this blog, I will highlight the pros and cons of each service, their working hours, earning criteria, etc.


So let’s get started, UberEats vs DoorDash..!!

UberEats vs DoorDash: About Us

UberEats VS DoorDash: Which pays more to its drivers
UberEats VS DoorDash


Launched in 2014, UberEats has clinched the market in a very short time. UberEats started from Los Angeles and has grown in other cities too with a huge customer base. Since their launching, a lot of changes have been made by them. One of the biggest changes that they have ever made is their flat-free delivery pricing. Since UberEats acquired Postmates, another popular food delivery service, they have experienced a huge wave of customers.


Founded in 2013 DoorDash has more than 300,000 local and chain restaurants, all in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Drivers in DoorDash are known as Dashers. They can deliver food using cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. DoorDash is a food delivery service very unique to Dashers that will schedule working hours already a week in advance and at the same time, be able to transfer food on the spot if you have extra hours in hand.

It is open for the drivers to deliver their supply services to the competitors like Uber Eats and Instacart, which will help you earn more money. In this segment, drivers can earn more by working for a wide variety of similar companies. You can open both service delivery apps at the same time, then choose your service order according to you.

UberEats vs DoorDash: Let’s find the whole process

If you are new to the food delivery world, don’t worry. Signing up is very easy in both UberEats and DoorDash. There is no unique process to sign in for both services, you just need to know some easy steps. Let’s find out the magic-


UberEats: Sign up, Driving, and Vehicle Requirements

UberEats Sign up, Driving, and Vehicle Requirements

Sign up

For those who want to deliver via Uber Eats, drivers start by signing up as Uber Eats drivers.

So, first of all, you need an Uber account if you do not already have it. You can log into the Uber Partner App if you have one.

If you have already picked up and dropped off passengers for Uber, you just need to accept the terms of delivery of Uber Eats and delivery requests will start to arrive.

If you are a new driver, the registration process usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Time will vary, depending upon your documentation readiness, very fast if you do not need to hunt down for the required documents such as a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Driving Requirements

After submitting all the required information, if you meet the mandatory requirements Uber will send you a notification.


Significant restrictions are there, if you intend to deliver by car or truck, it must have 2 or 4 doors and must not be older than 20 years, together with this you must be 19 years or older.

In addition, to become an Uber Eats driver, newcomers must adhere to the road safety rules of that area.

Although regulations vary from state to state, you must have:

  • Valid driving license
  • Valid Uber insurance policy (default policy that meets Uber insurance requirements)
  • At least one year of driving experience in the United States

Vehicle Requirements

Here is the game-changer deal that comes into the picture. The drivers who want to deliver food using scooters or by bike must keep the below things in mind-

Uber motorcycles can be any design or model as long as they have 2 wheels.

Uber only allows scooters with 50cc or less so you can travel at a speed of not more than 30 mph. Feeling strange? That’s what I was saying in the beginning.


In the case of bicycles, the age limit is 18 and you only need a government-issued ID. Make sure you inform Uber that you intend to deliver food using a bike.

During registration, select the “bike” option in transportation mode.

Remember, acceptable delivery methods vary from city to city and from country to country.

Uber drivers can start accepting new deliveries through the Uber App as soon as they get an “all clear” sign from Uber. 

DoorDash: Sign up, Driving, and Vehicle Requirements

DoorDash Sign up, Driving, and Vehicle Requirements

Sign up process is the same for the DoorDash as in UberEats, you just need to download the app from the play store.

Driving Requirements

If you want to become a DoorDash driver you must be at least 18 years old. In some places this age limit hits up to 21, these are the places where delivery involves alcohol.


In the DoorDash app, you will get all the local and provincial law information so you don’t have to do any speculation about age qualifications.

Drivers must pass a background check, where DoorDash checks the last 7 years of their driving record and criminal background and must be eligible for working in the United States.

Below is the list of violations that must not be made against you. They check these points while assessing your background check.

  • Homicide
  • Reckless driving
  • Attacks
  • Driving on Suspended or Expired Licenses
  • Failure to Stop or Report

If drivers pass this part of the test, DoorDash looks at your last three years of driving history.

Those with less than three moving violations, such as high speed, may not be able to get the delivery service in DoorDash.

Vehicle Requirements

In DoorDash your document verification varies according to the vehicle you possess. If you have a car or truck you need a valid driving license and timely vehicle insurance. Together with this driver needs a smartphone on which he can take orders through an app.


DoorDash Driver Orientation

After meeting all the requirements, one last obstacle that DoorDash drivers need to pass is to complete the orientation.

DoorDash drivers aka Dashers need to go through the orientation process which may be online or personal, depending upon the location.

During the orientation process, the new Dashers will get a full view of the DoorDash delivery system, just like the app itself. Dashers are also required to complete a W-9 form for tax purposes.

Make sure you have your license, smartphone, and debit or credit card with you when you are submitting the form. After completing all the activities, you need to choose the DoorDash gears. For any reason, if you want to cancel your orientation, no worries. Your orientation will be rescheduled.

UberEats vs DoorDash: Earnings

UberEats Earnings

UberEats drivers get paid for every order. The Instant pay option in UberEats lets the drivers withdraw their money as soon as the money shows in the account.


The payment in UberEats has been calculated based on a few conditions.

Cash for Order Dropping

Payment for Order picking

Total Distance Travelled x Local Area Rates

Order delivery time duration


Together with these, Uber drivers can get tips from customers, tip amount can go up to $20-25 per hour. One more option is open for Uber driver earnings, if new drivers sign up on UberEats with their referral code, they can earn extra bucks for every signup.

Whenever a customer pays you for an order, Uber automatically deducts a 25% average commission from that order.

DoorDash Earnings

Earnings of DoorDash drivers aka Dashers varies from state to state. In some areas, DoorDash pays you a fixed guaranteed minimum pay per hour. Whereas in some areas they pay their drivers $1 for each trip, together with this they pay you the estimated profits generated on that order.

DoorDash also deals in promo codes and referral programs through which drivers can earn extra cash, they just need to avoid some mistakes.

DoorDash takes 20% commission on average to nurture their dashers. With this they also allow the dashers to keep 100% of the tips they earned. That is the reason why some dashers earn $25 per hour.


Dashers can withdraw their money on an instant cash basis via “instant pay”. Previously DoorDash pays on a weekly basis but now they offer an instant payment option.

But here is one point I must mention, the withdrawal fee through instant pay in DoorDash is more than UberEats. It is nearly double what we can say.

UberEats vs DoorDash: Service Fee

UberEats Service Fee

  • Every order has a service fee which is up to 15% of the subtotal of that order. This fee has been waived if the restaurant uses its driver for delivery.
  • Smaller orders having a subtotal of less than $10 there is a service fee of $2. If the order’s subtotal is less than $15, the service fee will be $3.
  • Some restaurants charge a $0 delivery fee if you choose a delivery driver on a sharing basis.

DoorDash Service Fee

  • DoorDash delivery fee ranges from $1.99-$4.99.
  • The service fee is approximately 10% of the minimum amount of the customer
  • There is approximately a $ 2 Minimum Fee that applies to orders of $ 8- $ 10 or less
  • DashPass costs $ 9.99 / month and offers a $ 0 delivery and discounted service fee at certain restaurants, participating in this criteria

UberEats vs DoorDash: Delivery Hours

UberEats Delivery Hours

It is very flexible, UberEats Drivers can accept order pick up at any time of the day.

For those who want a flexible work plan of the day, UberEats makes much easier delivery options for them, so that drivers can fit their additional orders throughout the week.

This makes it much easier for those who want a flexible work plan to fit into additional orders throughout the week.

DoorDash Delivery Hours

DoorDash schedules their drivers in advance because peak periods hit many times a day so that drivers can be available at any point in time.


The “Dash Now” option has recently been introduced in DoorDash to reduce the downtime between scheduled deliveries. Those drivers who opt for “Dash Now” receive priority in deliveries.

UberEats vs DoorDash: Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. When do UberEats and DoorDash pay their drivers?

Both UberEats and DoorDash are similar in terms of paying their drivers.


In UberEats, drivers get paid each week with a direct deposit for the deliveries completed the previous week. Instant payment option is also there with a fee of $.50



In DoorDash drivers get paid every week by direct deposit for all the deliveries completed between the previous Monday to Sunday. Drivers can also withdraw payment with the Instant payment option but need to pay a fee of $1.99, which is slightly higher than UberEats.

It is noteworthy that both payments can take a few days to process, so you usually receive your payments on Wednesday or Thursday.

2. Which is better: UberEats or DoorDash?

It’s all about the preferences and app performance in your city.

Mostly, drivers use both apps to increase the delivery order requests so as to increase the overall hourly earnings.

But still, we have to choose one, then as per delivery options, UberEats is slightly better.


3. Can I make $1000 with UberEats?

Yes..!! you can make $1000 with uber eats, for more details click here

4. Is it worth driving DoorDash in 2021?

Yes.!! with DoorDash you can earn $20-25 hourly, so it is worth driving to living off a healthy life.

5. Do I need to tell the insurance company I drive for DoorDash?

No, you need not disclose the insurance company that you drive for DoorDash, UberEats or Postmates, Grubhub, etc.

6. Who pays DoorDash drivers?

DoorDash pays its drivers a minimum amount of payment on every order. They pay at least $1 per delivery plus a 100 percent tip.

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