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Best Ways to old Tire Recycling for Money! Everything You Need to Know

The lifespan of a vehicle’s tires is determined through the amount of driving and weather conditions encountered daily.

An old tire cannot be utilized after the tread is worn or major fractures form, yet it should not be dumped in a landfill. In reality, states have extremely strict disposal protocols in place to ensure environmental safety.

If you want to recycle tires for money as a company, you have two options: collect and discard or sell to retreaders.

To make money, you must be able to deal with a big number of tires regularly. If you need to know things about Tire Recycling for Money then you are at the perfect place.

Who Buys Shredded Tires?

Anyone may recycle used tires, but there are a few things you should know:

  • If you recycle at least five times each year, several states demand a special license.
  • Every state levies a fee for tire disposal.

If you want to recycle tires for others, you must consider these possible expenses into your profit margins. If you just intend to recycle tires from your own vehicle, you do not need a special permit.

You’ll also need a vehicle or trailer to transport the tires. To optimize your earnings, haul as many as possible to get the greatest recycling rate and to maximize your time.

Can You Get Money for Recycling Tires?

Yes, you can. Instead of disposing of your tires in a landfill, you may be able to recycle used tires for cash. You not only save money by not filling up your local dump as rapidly, but you also get a bit wealthy. Recycling old tires might not be a side hustle you’ve considered previously.

If your local tire recycling facility does not pay you to recycle used tires, keep in mind that you may still make money by selling used tire rims for cash. This is because recycling aluminum can still be profitable.

Where Can You Sell Shredded Tires?

Tire shredding is a popular method for preparing discarded tires for disposal or recycling.

Tires must be shredded into various sized pieces before being disposed of in a landfill. Many businesses are putting money into their own tire-shredding devices.


Instead of paying someone else to remove and dispose of their tires, these firms may sell the shredded tires and earn from them!

Don’t invest randomly when you see a sign “We Buy Scrap Tires.” Make sure to research more before you sell or buy used tires.

There are plenty of online platforms, where you can get a big deal. Read their reviews before you request a query to avoid losing your income.

Amazing Uses Of Shredded Tire Recycling

By making the most of shredded tires, you will be able to boost your earnings while also reducing your company’s environmental imprint.

Old tires are a significant environmental problem if left alone, yet they are surprisingly useful in their shredded condition, contributing to a better world through tire recycling. When you put your used rubber tires through high-quality tire shredders, they are converted and utilized in several productive ways.


Here are some of the most valuable advantages of shredded tire recycling that you should know before surfing “Recycle Tires for Cash near Me:”

  1. Eco-Friendly Alternative to Gravel
  2. Wastewater Treatment Filters
  3. Roadway Construction
  4. A Tougher Alternative to Traditional Gardening Mulch
  5. Construction and Building Materials
  6. Better Playgrounds

FAQs about Tire Recycling for Money

Can You Make Money Shredding Tires?

Instead of just disposing of the tires, you may utilize a tire shredder to generate income while also saving the environment. On the market, there are many grades of shredded tire products. This will provide you with a plethora of choices for selling your tire crumb and locating nearby purchasers.

Is Tire Recycling a Good Business?

Used tire recycling may be a profitable company in addition to being good for the environment. Millions of old tires offer a steady supply of recycled tires for three markets: tire-derived fuels, civil engineering applications, and ground rubber applications or rubberized asphalt.

Can I Sell My Tires?

Yes, you can sell and buy your own tires. Contact nearby tire stores and ask especially for secondhand tires. Most tire shops either charge clients to rid of their old tires and sell them at a reduced price or give them away. Most vendors will allow you to retain the tires as long as you remove them.

How Can I Make Money with Old Tyres?

You can sell it to your local store.
Recycle used tire rim for cash
Sell to a retreading facility
Call a recycling center
Create crafts and sell it



Most people do not believe that used tires can be recycled for cash. Most money is made by recycling worn tires that are in useable condition or can be recapped. Regardless of how many tires you want to recycle at once, consider all of these alternatives to maximize your profit per tire.

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