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10 Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs in Florida – Remote Jobs Florida

Florida is one of the high profiles residing states in the USA. Its economy functions in agro, manufacturing, travel and tourism industries. Apart from major industries, it is the preferred place for retail sales of multi-brand products. Their E-retailing companies have given ambient opportunities for homemakers, part-time job seekers and full-time work from or WFH seekers. Here we have listed the top 10 legit work from home jobs in Florida.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs in Florida
Legitimate Work from Home Jobs in Florida

10 Best Legitimate Work from Home Jobs in Florida

1. Customer Service Agents Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing come under one of the highly paid legitimate work-from-home jobs in Florida. The real estate giants, travel companies, and online stores hire WFH job seekers. You can check their advertisements in online jobs; work from home jobs and local advertisements on TV channels.

It is advisable to check their credibility before contacting them to get work or a contract. It would help if you read their terms and condition before signing online or in the contract agreement form. They offer incentives apart from monthly salary. They have many payment plans like commission basis and target-based pays.

2. Legal Transcriptionist

Work from home jobs in Florida is available with some of the insurance companies. They hire legal transcriptionists. It is a typing job from home. The WFH candidates must have a typing speed of 75-wpm. They must have excellent English knowledge, and their typing must be free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Work from home people must have a Mac System and internet connectivity. The insurance companies give you a demo of the work or give one-week training before hiring you for work from home on a contract basis.

You will get the same salary that their online staffs get. The legal transcription works are also available with the attorney general’s office. Yet, you have to search online and get the legit ones after reading legal transcription reviews. You Can Also Read My Suggestions Top 7 Sites That Offer Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners 2021.


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3. Technical Support

One of the best remote jobs in Florida for technical people is the technical support voice and non-voice process. The networking companies, computer system and laptop sales and service provider offers work from home technical support on salary or contract basis. It would help if you have a laptop or desktop with an internet connection.

It would help if you had a phone to communicate with the provider. Yet, your task will be like helping their product users troubleshot desktop or laptop with a remote viewer. You must have good listening, communication, and computer troubleshooting knowledge.

4. Editing and Writing Services    

One of the best legit works from home jobs in Florida is to work for a publisher. They need work from home writers and editors with good English and editing tools knowledge. They will provide the stuff, and all you need is to write on an academic topic or do edit works and submit them online. It is a contract-based WFH job.

You will get assignment writing for students too. Some of the tasks are manual handwritten jobs. Thus, you have to write in the daytime and submit it to the writer’s office or an agent nearby your home.


They are called writing service providers. They are available in academic and general writing services. Here, you will help those people who are Spanish or have less knowledge of the English language. Editing work involves where you have to correct an already written topic.

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5. Proofreading Services

One of the best legitimate works from home jobs for language experts, students, and WFH seekers is proofreading assignments. It is available with book publishers and e-book publishers in Florida.

You have to check online for their WFH job postings. Here, you have to proofread and highlight spelling mistakes, grammar, and type errors in a paper.

You will get paid per paper or on a fixed salary monthly. Proofreading work will come to you in different niches. Therefore, you need to read carefully twice and thrice to bring out quality by finding errors in writing. The publishers will correct your highlighted things until they get 100% unique.  


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6. Medical Transcription

The legit work-from-home jobs in Florida for the pharmacy background people are to do medical transcription. Many transcription BPO companies hire remote candidates. They give training if you are not done this work before. It is a 24/7 WFH job. Thus, you must see that you are available to work at least 8 hours a day or night. You must be having a 50-wpm typing speed. It would help if you were a good listener and able to understand what you listen to. You have to type without any errors. It is a highly paid job in Florida. Some of the WFH people earn per hour.

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7. Travel and Tourism Consultants

The highly paid remote jobs Florida is to work as freelance travel and tour consultant. Florida has keys, islands, and beaches. Florida promotes luxury tourism. Many travel consultants give work from home to people to market their luxury beachfront resorts and hotels. You can market their vacation homes, hotels, resort online and earn a good commission as work from the home travel consultant. You can make a sale through your social media accounts to get corporate, families and solo tourists to spend holidays or tours in Florida. It would help if you promoted an all-inclusive Florida tour package to earn a good income.  

8. Virtual Assistants

One of the legit works from home jobs in Florida is to work as a virtual assistance for enterprises. You will work from home as an admin assistant, travel assistant, accountant, and back-office works from your home. It would help you had a dedicated phone, system, and internet connectivity. It is a simple job, as you will get daily some tasks to do. Your work timings will be according to the service provider’s company timing. If they work 24/7, you can do this work on the day or night shift. You will be paid monthly. Some of the top companies give the best remuneration.  


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9. Website Content Writers

The simple the best legitimate work from home job is to write for websites and bloggers. You can get these WFH jobs from website developers. You can check online for freelance writing jobs.

You can get one by giving them your sample writing. They will pay you per word or on a monthly salary. You can do this work 24/7. Yet, your English must be excellent without any grammar errors. It would help you if a have a laptop, grammar checking tool and internet connectivity.

It is time-bound work, and you need to submit it before the deadline. Website content writing is available in multiple languages. Thus, you can write in whatever languages you are proficient in. The service provider will accept your writing work when they are 100% free from plagiarism and grammatically error-free.

Sometimes, you need to upload your task in WordPress or do some SEO works apart from writing. It will be like adding images to the topic you write.


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10. Call Centre Associates

Work from home jobs Florida is available in sales and marketing. Here, you need to sell a product or service. It might be inbound calls, where you have to convert them to sales. Next is, you have to call a customer and make sales. Yet, they will give or not give a database to reach the customers. They provide a commission for sales. Thus, the earning opportunity is unlimited. You will be promoting a leading brand in Florida. They will give all infrastructure and training to work from home if you do not have any prior work experience. It will be how to greet a customer and tell them about the product.  

It is advisable to read some remote jobs in Florida and find legitimate ones. It is because you must keep away from scammers who ask for registration fees, and no work will be assigned to you. Yet, a few of the job providers take payment to train them and provide IT infrastructure. Many people have become rich by taking advantage f work from home opportunities available within Florida. Hence, it is trusted as they pay you online or take payment by visiting their office, which is physically present in Florida.  


What Kind of Work Can I Do from Home?

You can work as an independent contractor, freelancer, and online jobs from home. They are with small investments and without any charges. Yet, you have to take the legitimate jobs after reading work from home reviews.

What Do You Do Working for Amazon from Home?

You can do online sales, support, and semi-technical services in Amazon as working from home. Yet, you have to get them through authorized channels or directly from the company.

What Is a Good Stay at Home Job?

Virtual assistants, online data entry, online transcription, online assignment help, home tuition, consulting, and chat support are good to stay at home jobs.

How to Find Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

You can register in trusted work-from-home job sites. It will be better to get a reference from those who are already into WFH. You can locally find such advertisements in local daily newspapers.

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