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11 Top Tips to Excel and Standout in Your Workplace

The workplace culture has transformed with time, and it’s not just about the work now. The current generation shows a big shift in what they want from their job and how they want to spend their days. Gone are the days when there was one single path for career growth or one size that fits all in the workplace. It is not easy to do, but you can start by following these tips:

1. Monitor Your Performance.

You should be on a constant lookout for progress. There are many ways to monitor your performance, which can help you in many ways. The key is to ensure that you have some way of measuring your personal growth at all times.

You could do this by keeping track of the things that matter most to you. Then, note down what has changed weekly or month to month. If possible, try doing this with others working on projects or tasks like yours. It can help you compare notes and see how far everyone has come together!

2. Ask for Feedback.

The secret to getting ahead at work is asking for feedback. You can ask your manager, peers, customers, or suppliers. Asking for feedback will help you know where you stand with others in the workplace and how they perceive you as a worker. When asking for feedback from your colleagues, start by mentioning how busy everyone is these days and that there are so many demands on their time. Then ask them if they would consider sharing some of their time with you by filling out a short survey about their experience working with you this past year. If necessary, add that the company has offered a gift card incentive for completing the survey.

3. Speak Up When Required

Speaking up at work when required is an integral part of being a good employee. If you’re not speaking up when something needs to be said, that’s usually a sign of more significant problems with your work ethic. But how exactly do you go about speaking up?


But, when should you speak up?

  • When something needs to be corrected or changed in the workplace;
  • When something goes wrong; and
  • When new ideas are brought forward.

These situations arise naturally as part of your regular work duties and provide opportunities for growth within your organization or industry.

4. Understand the Company’s Goals and Embrace Them as Your Own.

Before you can set out on the path to success, you must understand the goals of your company and how they align with your own. It is especially true if you’re a new employee or just starting at a company. You don’t want to waste time and effort on objectives that don’t contribute to achieving your employer’s mission.

If possible, ask someone in management what the priorities are for this year. You may be surprised at how easy it is to get this information out of them. If they’re not willing or able to tell you what they need from their employees, then look at past performance reports. Look if there were any significant initiatives last year, like transitioning towards digital marketing.

5. Showcase Your Value.

It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses as an employee, but you must also showcase your strengths. If you’re going to have a successful career, you need to let others know what makes you so valuable. If certain assets make you stand out from the crowd, ensure they’re on display in every aspect of your life.

When it comes down to it, nobody cares about what went wrong at work or how many times some projects cost more than expected. So instead of focusing on negative aspects of your work history, focus on what makes you unique and valuable.


6. Get Noticed by the Right People.

Getting noticed by the right people is key to your success in the workplace. Knowing who you need to impress and what you can do to impress them are just two aspects of this skill, but there are many more.

  • Who: The people who can help further your career, or at least give it a boost in the right direction. These could be supervisors, peers, and colleagues considered experts in their field of work. They might also be individuals higher up on the corporate ladder than yourself, even company executives or board members.
  • What: A way for them to see how capable and valuable you are as an employee. It may mean taking on projects showcasing your skills and abilities and ensuring those projects get results. Or it could mean coming up with creative ideas for new products or services that will revolutionize how things are done around here.
  • How: By showing them what you have accomplished as part of your job responsibilities. Prove that these accomplishments have been made through hard work rather than any kind of favoritism or nepotism. If possible, show this off with documentation such as reports/presentations/articles/videos, etc. But don’t let anyone tell you that isn’t enough.

7. Be Flexible and Adaptable.

You must have often heard about being flexible and adaptable in your workplace, but what does that mean? Being flexible means being open to changes in the workplace. Some of these changes may be small, such as a new colleague or a slight shift in your schedule. Other changes could be bigger, like an office move or even having to handle more work than before because someone else left the company.

Be careful not to let yourself get caught up in your routine or habits. If you’re doing something because it works for you, then keep doing it. However, if any changes are along the way, be prepared for them and adapt accordingly!

8. Find a Mentor Who Will Advocate for You.

Mentors can help you learn the ropes, find your strengths and weaknesses, identify your passions, set career goals, and find a path toward them. And if you don’t have a mentor yet, here’s how to get one:

  • Find someone you admire in your industry and ask whether they’re willing to meet with you regularly.
  • If they say no, keep asking until they say yes.
  • Ask what different they would do if given a chance over again.

9. Brand Yourself.

Your brand is the sum of your work, accomplishments, and personality. It’s what people think when they hear your name or see your face.

Your personality branding is a collection of everything that makes you unique. What makes you stand out from everyone else in your field? It’s not just about what you do; it’s about how you do it.

Branding yourself can help you get noticed for all the right reasons so that when someone does something great, everyone wants to know who did it. Think about some brands that have become household names, like Coke, Apple, and Nike, and then think about why those brands are so successful. They’ve positioned themselves as modern and innovative while remaining relatable at the same time.


10. Network with Intention.

  • Network at Workplace: If you want to be successful, you should network with an eye toward the future. It’s not just about getting your name and face out there. It’s also about connecting with people who have a record of success and can help guide you on that same path.
  • Ask for help: Networking is all about sharing information. One good way to do so is by asking for advice from others in the industry. However, make sure it’s clear that it’s advice you’re after before asking anything.
  • Share what YOU know! Don’t be afraid of giving back. It will only make people more interested in connecting with you later on down the line.

11. Don’t Keep Information to Yourself.

One of the best ways to show others you are dedicated to your job and that you are invested in your company’s success is by sharing useful information. Sharing knowledge is one of the most important things a person can do to help their colleagues and organization succeed. In addition, by sharing what you learn with others, they will be more likely to respect you as a leader.


Remember that the key is constantly learning and growing, no matter what stage of life you’re in. The best way to do this is by focusing on building relationships with others while also working hard at whatever task you’re given. If you do all these things, then success will come naturally due to your hard work.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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