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How Much Do Instacart Drivers Make in 2022

Purchasing groceries normally necessitates the withdrawal of funds from your bank account. It’s an opportunity for Instacart users to benefit. Workers earn money by shopping for food at retail supermarkets with which the firm has collaborated and distributed them to consumers’ homes.

People are staying at home to avoid being infected with the coronavirus, so demand for Instacart shoppers has plummeted. However, those picking and distributing groceries pose health threats as well. When you sign up, make sure you balance the costs against the rewards, such as extra money and flexible hours. You Can Also Read about Instacart Business Model: How Does Instacart Make Money?.

How Much Do Instacart Drivers Make

Here’s everything you need to know about being an Instacart shopper, as well as what to expect.

Instacart: What it is?

Instacart is a retail distribution service that operates in the US and Canada. They collaborate with local businesses to distribute goods directly to consumers’ homes. Customers can position orders on the website or via a smartphone app. Shoppers are independent contractors and part-time employees who fill and supply orders directly to customers.

From Where can you work in Instacart?

Instacart is available in over 5,500 cities throughout the United States and Canada. From big cities like San Francisco and New York to smaller towns like Spring Creek, Nevada, and Lannon, Wisconsin, there’s plenty for everybody.

Download the Shopper app and enter your ZIP code to see if there are any full-service or in-store shopper openings in your city.


Criteria that you should need to work here

If you want to earn cash with Instacart, there are a few simple conditions you must meet:

You must be at least 18 years old to participate: In certain jurisdictions, you must be at least 21 years old to sell alcohol, which also results in bigger tips.

Ability to carry 30 pounds or more: “With or without housing,” workers should be able to carry at least 30 pounds and up to 50 pounds.

You should have a mobile. You would have an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

To pass a background check, you must: Most shoppers are cleared within 10 business days, according to Instacart, although this varies by venue.


Get a deposit or checking account: Since Instacart customers are paying by direct deposit, you’ll need to have a bank account to receive your money.

How do apply for a position with Instacart?

It’s easy to get started with Instacart:

Install the Shopper app on your computer: You’ll owe the firm simple stuff including your name and address, as well as permission to run a background check on you. Later on, you’ll use the app to configure your availability, accept gigs, log your earnings, and chat with Instacart’s customer service team if you have any problems.

Attend a face-to-face orientation: In the app, choose a session. This is a necessary part of the onboarding procedure.

Complete the paperwork: A contractor arrangement and a W-9 tax form must be signed by independent contractors. Part-time employers are required to sign an offer letter as well as a W-4 tax form.


Create an account with Instacart and register your payment card: When checking out with a customer’s order, Instacart shoppers use a preloaded credit card. Within 5 to 7 business days, new customers should expect to obtain their passports. Depending on their venue, shoppers can be able to pick up a card.

How Much Do Instacart Drivers Make?

  • Instacart does not keep track of how much money its drivers make. Until tips, according to Glassdoor, this amount is about $15 per hour. Even then, several variables influence how much a driver earns. Demand rate, location, the distance between the store and the consumer, and time are all factors to consider.
  • A delivery driver in a remote one-horse town can gain more than a major city driver. And during times of increased demand, drivers can benefit more.
  • Your wages as an independent contractor, on the other hand, aren’t set in stone. It just depends on how many you’re going to put in and how many batches you have.
  • Due to low food demand, you can benefit less than normal if you have fewer batches to produce. When you regularly get orders, you will make much more than the norm. Any drivers have made about $2,000 a week.
  • Customers will give you extra advice if you take your best foot forward in providing excellent service.

Instacart Driver Expenses

The majority of the costs you face as a delivery driver are not covered by Instacart. Expect to spend a portion of your salary as an independent contractor on petrol, auto repairs, vehicle permits, insurance, taxes, and other job-related expenditures.

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Ending the Article

Thankfully, this reference has given you more insight into how much money you will make working for Instacart. Knowing how much money you’ll make working with Instacart will help you decide if it’s the best tool for you to reach your financial goals. You should still look at their pay rate and terms of service don’t suit your needs.

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