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5 Websites for High Income Skills You Can Learn for Free 2024: Get Certified Free & Make Us$100k a Year

This CNBC article released in October of 2018 was a revelation. that confirms the importance of courses. that teach the kind of skills that can pay you a US dollar six-figure income doing either your ideal job, pursuing the career of your dreams, launching a successful business, or even kicking off that side hustle.

5 Websites for High Income Skills You Can Learn for Free: Get Certified Free & Make Us$100k a Year

The article speaks to organizations like Google, Apple, Hilton, IBM, Bank of America, and many other reputable and prominent companies no longer mandating that their employees have a college degree to apply.

in this digital era that we’re living in, to launch a successful business or a side hustle, a degree is not usually required either. but a course will go a long way with Google, Apple, and the IBM’s or many of the companies mentioned in that CNBC article, as well as a side hustle and a business.

5 Websites for High Income Skills You Can Learn for Free 2024

Dear Reader’s skills are the new degree. And with that in mind, in this Article, we’re going to share with you 5 reputable websites that will teach you high-paying income skills You Can Learn for Free in 2024

You’ll be able to use these courses to develop these skills and get certified free of cost and put you on a path to making that six-figure income, whether it’s from your dream job, the ideal job, launching a business, or kicking off your side hustle.

1. Google Digital Garage

The first place or platform where you can learn high-income earning skills for free is very prominent and known. And this particular aspect of this platform is called Google Garage. if you have never heard of Google Garage, I want you to write garage in the comments below. Because one, I know that I’m sharing things that are new, that’s insightful, and that will give you what’s necessary to achieve your goals.

Google Garage is a reputable source that can help you to achieve your goals in more ways than one. With Google Garage, you have the option to build skills, and these skills can be used to enhance, like I said earlier, your career, your business, or your side hustle.


The great thing is that the platform offers a variety of courses and resources that are designed to teach you these valuable skills, and also you can get certified free.

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Some of these high-skilled courses include design as an example. So if you’re looking to design an app or to design a website, you may be able to leverage this free of cost.

As per many job boards out there, data analysis are some of the highest paying jobs out there. And with AI, the demand for data analysis is going to continue to increase. As you know, when it increases, there becomes limited supply and it means that salaries are going to continue to rise on a skill that already pays a high salary.

Communication is another course that you can get certified in on Google Garage. Online safety, selling online. If you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce business, whether you want to sell on Amazon, like I’ve shared here, or on Etsy, or you want to leverage print on demand, don’t just guess and spell, and don’t just use the tidbits of information that I share and leave your success to chance, no.


Get certified with Google Garage in selling online and master your craft, and as such, set up yourself to achieve financial independence.

Cloud computing, digital marketing, if you’re into social media, whether it’s because you’re launching your business or your hustle or you’re working in this capacity you’ll be able to get certified at no cost.

Coding and development are some of the other high skilled knowledge that you can get through Google Garage and be certified and leverage this in whatever way you want.

The bottom line is having Google on your resume for certification is gonna go a long way and these high income earning skills that you’re gonna garner is definitely gonna set you up for success.

2. HubSpot Academy

Now the second platform where you can get certified free with high skilled courses is HubSpot Academy. HubSpot Academy is a fantastic resource to acquire high income skills at no cost and again it’s one that is not that popular.

If you have never heard of HubSpot Academy write Academy in the comments for me again I’m gonna know that I’m bringing you something new.


Whether you aspire to become a modern entrepreneur or you have an aspiration to gain certified skills this platform offers courses that cover everything that you need to know about the most sought-after business skills that are necessary to thrive today in the digital economy. You can get free courses in sales.

Do you know how many of you may have started e-commerce businesses or even brick-and-mortar businesses. you find yourself struggling with getting sales you can actually get certified with this particular skill. that will take you through everything in life because listen if you’re going to a job interview you need to be good at sales because you need to sell yourself.

The thing is many of us don’t understand the importance of having sales as a skill. It’s a high value skill that’s gonna play a role in whatever it is that you’re doing in this digital economy so take advantage of this free course and get certified on HubSpot Academy.

You can also get certified on HubSpot in digital marketing content creation don’t leave your YouTube game or the content that you’re creating for other social media platform with a goal of monetizing it to chance.

Make sure you get taught free how to do this so that your probability of success is even greater. You can also get certified in email marketing content marketing.


I keep telling everyone that if you are doing 90% of the things that I talk about on this channel you’re gonna need to develop and establish a social media platform. Whether it’s anonymous or it’s personalized it’s gonna be up to you and you’re gonna use that social media platform to push traffic to whatever it is that you’re doing.

Why not get qualified free with this particular course in content marketing. Ecommerce marketing courses are also available and many more.

3. Khan Academy

Now the next platform that you can leverage to get free courses and get certified in high paying skill is Khan Academy. this is a well-known and highly respected website that offers again a wide range of educational reasons.

Resources for absolutely free. while it may not specialize as much as the other platforms that I’ve shared in teaching high-paying income skills, it provides valuable courses and lessons in various subjects to help you to develop the knowledge and the skills needed for high-paying careers. you know what the best part about Khan Academy is? They constantly are adding new courses.

So if you peruse the platform after Reading this Article and you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, keep going back. It’s free. You have nothing to lose because likely they’ll pop up that course or that lesson sometime in the future. You can leverage courses such as computing, economics, life skills who don’t need to be certified with life skills.

AI for education, so important right now with everything that’s happening as it pertains to artificial intelligence. Internet safety. How many of you have gotten scammed? Or you see in the comments below all the scamming comments with people liking them and commenting.


How about learning how to be safe online so that you can take more chances in a smart way and not end up losing more money than you can afford to.

Critical, in my opinion, on Khan Academy is financial literacy. Yes, you can actually do a free course online in financial literacy because I know that this is a skill set that’s going to help you to change your life.

Understanding something as simple as prioritizing, budgeting, managing money, investing is the difference between the person who remains broke and the person who achieves financial freedom and potentially generational wealth.

4. Free Code Camp(A)

The next platform on our list to gain high income skills is Free Code Camp. this particular website is focused on coding and it offers free coding courses and projects that can help you develop valuable technical skills.

Since its inception in 2014, over 40,000 graduates of Free Code Camp have successfully landed jobs at top tech companies like Google, Spotify, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple by completing their courses free and earning certification.

when you do this, you not only gain the knowledge and the credentials that’s needed to start a career in the tech industry, but those top organizations actually recognize this certification.


Remember what I said about the article from CNBC up top? They’re not thinking degrees anymore for applicants.

So this platform will give you what you need from a course perspective and a certification perspective to qualify for jobs with those prominent and reputable companies.

5. TED Talks

The next platform where you can develop high income skills online free of cost is very popular. It’s TED Talks. this is a fantastic resource for learning high income skills free. I’m repeating myself here. But with a vast library of talks from some of the world’s best minds, TEDx offers valuable insights into how these individuals explore and achieve their greatness in their respective fields.

Whether you are interested in programming, public speaking, entrepreneurship or anything else, for that matter, these videos on TEDx can provide the inspiration and knowledge that you need to become a pro at success.

So Dear Readers, there you have it. You should not have any problems developing or garnering or gaining or acquiring high pain skills in the future.

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